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Hubby!Sweden x Wife!!Reader Request
You laid there quietly as you listened to the steady breathing. Warm arms held you close to an equally warm chest, but it did not inhibit you able you look up. You were currently looking at your husband’s sleeping face, as his chest that heaved up and down against you. You could not help but smile at the man that you could proudly call your husband of one year to this day, Berwald. You frowned slightly as you knew you had to sneak away and leave the man your loved, but you knew it was for him so that thought alone made you happy.
You gently pulled his arms over of you as you got out of the large bed. You threw one of his large shirts on and quickly made your way to the kitchen. You got to work, making Berwald’s favorite breakfast as he sleep just a few rooms away. You only hoped you could get it somewhat done before the man woke up.

“Mmm,” escaped the man’s lips, as he awoke to the amazing smell of his wife’s cooking. He threw the covers off
:iconmiskuki:Miskuki 183 30
To Be or Not To Be - AntonioxReader
I picked my way over the uneven ground, the sun high in the sky, casting shadows across the river beside me. The wind blew around me, causing my flower-printed dress to dance around. Next to me, Antonio gingerly grabbed flowers out of my basket, one after the other, twirling them between his fingers, then letting them go. He stared after them sadly as they left, but soon after went on to another one.
  “What is your favourite flower, chica?”
  “Hm?” I wasn't exactly paying attention; I was to caught up watching the waves kiss the shoreline.
  Antonio's gentle hands grabbed mine, and ever so carefully placed a lilac between them, as he repeated his question, “What is your favourite flower, belleza?”
  “Oh, um...” I thought for a second, carefully examining the flower. 1,2,3,4... 4 petals, all lightly fluttering in the wind. I brought it up to my face and giggled as it tickled my cheek. “I would have to say tulips.
:iconanimecrazy42:AnimeCrazy42 12 2
Himaruya the Trollking by burntnoodles Himaruya the Trollking :iconburntnoodles:burntnoodles 102 24
amatores. | levi
no matter how much you do, the documents seem to continue piling on. it wasn’t until the commander caught you up in the late hours, a brow raised in question before he told you to go to bed. you didn’t want to-- the paperwork wouldn’t get done anytime soon, and it needed to be processed. besides, erwin could use the help, regardless of what he said.
however, protest wasn’t an option. before you could say anything, he shook his head, offering a small smile before dismissing you, leaving you alone in the office once more.
you really could have disobeyed, but it was too difficult to stay awake. promising yourself to finish the work tomorrow, you slip into your room, eyes widening slightly at the sight that greets you. levi is already in bed-- something that rarely happens. he’s usually working much later than you are. the creak from the door wakes him up, eyes squinting before he can identify that it’s you. a disgruntled expression on sharp features, a
:iconciiren:ciiren 945 80
Free - Tachibana Makoto by feshnie Free - Tachibana Makoto :iconfeshnie:feshnie 456 28 Jean Kirschtein by PaLM-NoI Jean Kirschtein :iconpalm-noi:PaLM-NoI 552 21 Levi by Abz-J-Harding Levi :iconabz-j-harding:Abz-J-Harding 1,122 26 Levi by akaitamashi Levi :iconakaitamashi:akaitamashi 1,901 77 Levi by PaLM-NoI Levi :iconpalm-noi:PaLM-NoI 1,777 70 APH Mugshot: Sve by Jorael APH Mugshot: Sve :iconjorael:Jorael 1,063 102 fruk or usuk by AutumnLegend fruk or usuk :iconautumnlegend:AutumnLegend 1,389 740 APH-Nordics_pirate ver. by firmamentosora APH-Nordics_pirate ver. :iconfirmamentosora:firmamentosora 1,180 94 Happy Bunny new year by akato3 Happy Bunny new year :iconakato3:akato3 1,143 196 life by Fantakoi life :iconfantakoi:Fantakoi 2,825 355 Personal Space by zest1513 Personal Space :iconzest1513:zest1513 356 41 FanFiction by zest1513 FanFiction :iconzest1513:zest1513 211 96


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Wow. Its been 4 years since I've been back here. . .if anyone still reads these things, I would just like to thank you guys for being there for me I guess. This site definitely helped a lot and in more way than one. Sorry it took me 4 years to say that LOL


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